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 A & K Appliance is specialized in rental property appliance repair and replacement because the two go hand in hand. In our first years in business, we only provided appliance repair and service. Many times the appliances were not worth the cost of the major repairs needed, they had to be replaced with new product. As a good business partner, we often sourced the replacement products from local wholesale distributors and returned to install the new and haul away the old. 

Over the years we have grown with the multi-housing industry providing rental property appliances and the residential real estate industry with realtor appliance sales. A & K has become a high volume supplier of all the major brand names that we purchase factory-direct. We can help Realtors close more sales and become close working partners with property management companies because we know what is needed and how to do it best.

Our motto is, “One Call does it all”!
Fast, efficient, honest, dependable, reliable service every time.

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